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The University Languages Portal Australia (ULPA) is a website for prospective students to search for and view details of language courses available at Australian Universities, including the location, delivery mode, course dates, pre-requisite languages, links to specific course details, and information about the languages themselves.


Information on University language courses is scattered across many independent Australian University websites. If a prospective student wanted to find a particular language course, they may have to find and visit several different websites. The challenge was to create a solution that reduces the time taken to locate and view this information.


WSP Digital designed and developed a website portal that allows prospective students to quickly and easily search for and view the details of language courses and information on languages from the one location. A content management system (CMS) was also developed to allow the client to manage the website.


We provided project management, business analysis, design and development services for this project. We continue to provide hosting and support services