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The PPG Retail Asset Ordering Application (RAO) is an online desktop and mobile application that allows PPG staff to prepare and submit orders for the colour chips in the colour walls of their client's stores, whilst in-store.


The original process for preparing and submitting orders for colour chips was paper-based and time consuming. The challenge was to develop a user-friendly system that allowed staff to prepare and submit orders, and have those orders arrive at the manufacturer, in a much shorter time frame.


In partnership with Telstra, we developed an online, mobile and desktop system which allows PPG staff to:

  • Prepare, check and submit orders for the colour chips using a mobile device whilst onsite at a client's store.

  • Review orders and their status, and manage users using the desktop site.

The system is user-friendly, and cut down the total time it takes for an order to arrive at the manufacturer from several weeks to 1 day.


We provided project management, business analysis, design and development services for this project. We continue to provide hosting and support services.

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