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MyRo for VicRoads is a fully automated, online system that provides real time and credible traffic information during construction works through the use of portable road side devices.


There were numerous challenges to solve for this project, including:

  • Bringing separate systems used control each device type and data source together

  • Centralising the source of truth for the state of all devices

  • Providing visibility on the road network as a whole

  • Expanding on the types of messages that could be shared with the traveling public and the timeframes they could be shared within

  • Providing the ability to supply real time traffic information to the traveling public, project stakeholders, and emergency services during road occupations

  • Allowing measurements collected to be stored for review purposes during periods of road occupation

  • Providing the ability to operate in real time

  • Reducing excess cognitive load on staff due to manual processes


In partnership with Telstra, we built the MyRo platform. It is an online, centralised and fully automated system that a integrates portable roadside devices of different types into a single platform, to provide real time and credible traffic information during construction works. It  communicates messages through these devices, and through SMS, emails, website, apps, radio and social media. It allows communication to be set up ahead of time, then run automatically with minimal operator intervention.

This system has been effective at removing the manual work that it previously took to get a message to the traveling public.


We provided project management, business analysis, design and development services for this project. We continue to provide hosting and support services.

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