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The Macquarie Dictionary is an integrated website and mobile application to enable subscribers to easily search for words and view their definition from any device anywhere, including the ability for people to become paid subscribers and manage their subscription.


The challenge was to create an engaging website portal that enables non-subscribers to explore and understand the Macquarie Dictionary value proposition, to enable prospective subscribers to subscribe easily and quickly to the product of their choice (including payment options). Once subscribed, users needed to be able to easily search for words and view their definition from any device, anywhere.


WSP Digital designed and developed the website, IPhone and iPad apps with a common, clear and engaging look and feel. They utilise the same Macquarie Dictionary database with different data sets depending on the version subscribed to by the user and the characteristics of the device being used to access the Macquarie Dictionary. Once subscribed, it allows users to search on words and view their definitions at the level dictated by their subscription level, and manage their subscription.


We provided project management, business analysis, design and development services for this project. We continue to provide hosting and support services.

Macquarie landing page
Macquarie search screen