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The Defects and Dilapidations System is an online application to enable Schiavello employees and contractors to manage defects and dilapidations identified through inspections on their job sites, including recording, assigning jobs and reporting.


The recording and and management of defects and dilapidations identified on Schiavello job sites was a manual and labour intensive process. Details of defects and dilapidations were being recorded on paper floor plans, emailed to subcontractors for fixing, and manually typed into reports. The challenge was to create a solution that reduced the time and cost associated with managing defects and dilapidations, could be used on site and in the office, and was easy to use.


In partnership with Telstra, we developed a tablet and desktop application that draws in job and contractor information from existing Schiavello systems, allows employees and contractors to quickly and easily record details of defects and dilapidations, associate them with a job, record their location on a floor plan, upload before and after photos (and mark them up), assign them to sub-contractors for fixing, and analyse and report on their progress. It is internal to Schiavello and their contractors, and can work online and offline.


We provided project management, business analysis, design and development services for this project. We continue to provide hosting and support services.

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