A replacement system to enable VicRoads staff and contractors to book, schedule and review road work events, manage booking conflicts with other contractors, submit, review and approve applications for road works, and send and receive notifications.


VicRoads had an old legacy booking system that enabled staff and contractors to book road lanes for approved road work events. It was intended that Contractors would book the lanes needed for a road work event themselves, but after a short period of time, VicRoads ended up using the system do it for them. Contractors felt that the system did not capture all the information they needed to record for a road work event. In addition, the system only allowed management of a small part of the road work event lifecycle. The challenge was to create a solution that Contractors would be happy to use, and allowed a more holistic management of the road work event lifecycle.


WSP Digital is designing and developing an online browser-based application that will enable Contractors to enter the relevant details of road work events, book the required lanes, schedule the works, review their schedule of upcoming works, submit documentation and maps, and receive notifications. It will also allow VicRoads staff to review and approve road work events and required documentation, review the schedule of works, manage booking conflicts and send notifications to contractors. It will be internal to VicRoads and their Contractors.


WSP Digital are providing the business analysis and solution design, development and deployment.